Understanding Outgrow Content Types

Outgrow is an intuitive platform offering diverse interactive content types for engagement. Here are brief introductions to the interactive content options:

A. Numerical Calculator: Craft personalised, data-driven experiences, allowing users to compute and visualise results seamlessly.

B. Polls & Surveys: Engage audiences through dynamic, customisable questions to gather insights or opinions effectively.

C. Outcome Quiz & Graded Quiz: Create captivating quizzes to entertain and educate, providing users with personalised results or graded assessments.

D. Giveaway: Foster engagement and excitement by organising contests or giveaways, boosting audience participation.

E. eCommerce Recommendation: Drive sales by offering tailored product recommendations, enhancing user experience and conversions.

F. Chatbot: Implement interactive conversational experiences, providing instant support or guiding users through a personalised journey.

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