How to add Payment Gateways to your Outgrow Content

Outgrow offers a wide range of customizations that can be incorporated into your content pieces. With our Custom HTML feature, you can add almost any Custom HTML element from a simple table to an external CTA button to your Outgrow content.

How to use the Custom HTML feature to accept payments via PayPal?

Steps to add a payment button-

  1. Scroll to the page where you want to add a Payment Gateway. In this case, we come to the Welcome Screen.
  1. On the right panel, under the Heading and Sub-heading fields, you will be able to see ‘</>’ (Custom HTML symbol)
  1. You can now click on this button and enter the Custom HTML code to add your Payment Gateway as shown below.
  1. After entering the code, click on the Custom HTML button again and you’ll be able to see the result on your screen.

How to add PayPal buttons to your Outgrow content?

  1. In order to add a PayPal CTA button to your content piece, firstly navigate to this page and select the button that you want to add.
  1. Once you click on the button that you want to add, you will be redirected to another screen to set up the payment button. For example, if we click on the Add to Cart button-
  1. Here, you will be required to enter various details such as Item name, Item ID, etc. You will also be required to add your organization’s details such as email address to receive payments.

  2. Once you are done, you can proceed to the next steps and complete the set-up.

  3. After the button is created, you can copy the HTML code and paste it into your content’s Custom HTML field to add the Payment Button and click on ‘Go Live’ or ‘Publish Changes’.

Some Common Use-cases

  1. If you are creating an interactive content piece asking for donations on behalf of your organization, you can add a Payment Button at the end by using the Custom HTML feature. This will make the payment process convenient as the user will be able to navigate to the payment page by simply clicking on a button.

  2. You can add a Payment Button to your e-commerce recommendation quiz like an Add to Cart button or a Buy Now button. This will help increase your sales as the process will become easier and less time-consuming for the users.

  3. If you are creating a quiz, assessment, or any other type of content to market the courses your institution offers, you can add some details about your course and attach a payment button at the end so that the users can easily buy it.

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