Collect leads using the Email De-Duplication feature

In Outgrow, you have the option to prevent users from submitting duplicate leads with the same email address. This can be done by enabling the "Do Not Allow Duplicate Leads" feature on the Lead Generation page. You can also select which fields should be checked to restrict duplication.

For instance, some businesses may want to ensure that each business lead is unique based on email addresses. Meanwhile, other businesses may use a combination of name and email address as the matching parameters. Using this document, you will be able to understand how to configure the De-Duplication feature in your Outgrow content.

Setting up the required infrastructure in Outgrow

  1. Log in to Outgrow and navigate to the specific content piece where you would like to introduce this functionality.

Log in to Outgrow

  1. Once you are in the Builder, navigate to the Lead Generation settings tab.
Lead Generation settings
  1. Now, navigate to the Advanced section and toggle on the Do Not Allow Duplicate Leads setting.
Do Not Allow Duplicate Leads
  1. Once the setting is enabled, you can select the field or combination of fields, that you would like to use to verify the uniqueness of the leads submitted.

  2. Make sure you click on Publish to save the changes.

Updating Lead when De-Duplication is enabled

If De-Duplication is enabled, any information provided by the user, such as responses and email addresses, will be saved in Outgrow. This information will then be sent to the respective CRM/MAT through integration. If the same user submits their responses again using the exact same email address, the system won't update their responses.

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