Email De-duplication: Updating details in CRM

In Outgrow you have the option to restrict duplicate leads from being submitted by a user using the same email address, by turning on the Do Not Allow Duplicate leads on the Lead Generation page. You can pick and choose which fields need to be checked to restrict duplication.

For example, some businesses would like to maintain business lead uniqueness on the basis of email addresses, whereas some businesses would like to use the name and email address as the matching parameter.

Setting up the required infrastructure in Outgrow

  1. Log in to Outgrow and navigate to the specific content piece in which you would like to introduce this functionality.
  1. Once you are in the Builder, navigate to the Lead Generation settings tab.
  1. Now navigate to the Advanced section and toggle on the De-duplication setting (Do Not Allow Duplicate Leads).
  1. Once the toggle is enabled, you can specify if you want to maintain uniqueness using just the Email Address or Name, or both.

  2. Publish the changes to ensure the settings are applied.

Updating Lead when De-Duplication is enabled

IIn case the De-Duplication feature is enabled, all the information that will be provided by the user related to responses, email address, etc will be saved in Outgrow and will be pushed over to the respective CRM / MAT using integration. If the same user tries to submit responses to the questions again using the same email address, these responses won't be updated in the system.

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