Analyzing your data

Here's what you need to know-

  1. Analytics and User Details
  2. User Responses
  3. Traffic Details and UTM Parameters
  4. Segments in Analytics and Integration
  5. Sharing Outgrow Analytics with your Stakeholders
  6. Running A/B Tests for your Outgrow Content
  7. Finding Relationships between User Data
  8. Conducting A/B Testing In Outgrow
  9. Running a Comparitive Analysis in Outgrow between multiple content pieces
  10. Using Facebook Login with a Custom Domain
  11. Mapping Segment Name In Outgrow with a field in your CRM tool
  12. Routing Leads Collected Using Outgrow
  13. Lead Scoring - How to score a lead while transferring it from Outgrow to your tool
  14. Connect Outgrow with Google Tag Manager and Ad Words to track Conversions and assign it to a Keyword
  15. Routing leads in HubSpot collected using Outgrow Interactive Content
  16. Video Tutorial - How to connect your Google Analytics account to Outgrow
  17. Video Tutorial - Setting up Customized Google Analytics Events in Outgrow
  18. Video Tutorial - How to use Google Tag Assistant to see your Google Analytics events in your Outgrow content
  19. Video Tutorial - How to see Outgrow events in Google Analytics
  20. Video Tutorial - Connecting Google Tag Manager with Outgrow
  21. Video Tutorial - How to Connect Google Tag Manager with Outgrow
  22. Video Tutorial - How to create a Tag in Google Tag Manager and connect it to an Outgrow Event
  23. Video Tutorial - How to check whether Google Tag Manager Code has been implemented correctly using Tag Assistant
  24. Video Tutorial - Connecting your Facebook Pixel account with your Outgrow event
  25. Video Tutorial - Setting up Facebook Events in your Outgrow Account
  26. Video Tutorial - How to use Facebook Pixel Helper Plugin
  27. Video Tutorial - How to see Outgrow Events in Facebook Ad Manager
  28. Video Tutorial - How to Create Audiences in Facebook based on Outgrow Events