To access the results page for your Assessments or Graded quiz in the Outgrow development studio, click on 'Results' at the bottom of the left sidebar.
Score for a graded quiz is calculated automatically. Each question is assigned a maximum score of 1 which is split if there are multiple correct options for the question.


Conditional messaging

Now you can show custom messages to calculator users based on the scores they get. Showcase a different text response depending on the score range. Ex: if the score is between 0-6, you can show a message that reads "Your are good at ........". Otherwise, the custom message can read "Your ........... skills are excellent!" You can add one or more conditional messages on a graded quiz. The range for conditional message is picked up automatically based on the possible range of the scores on the graded quiz.


You can also define different Call to actions for different scores on Graded quiz. Instead of redirecting users to a URL, you can also add social share buttons to the results page and ask them to Like or Follow your business on social channels. If a user engages with your results page, the engagement will show up in your analytics against that user.



If user clicks on Like or Follow button on your Results page but doesn't actually likes or follows the Social network page, you'll not see any engagement on the Analytics page.


Score Description

You can add a detailed description for your Graded quiz and drop in variables [answers] from any question you've asked the users. For example, you can drop in the "Name" variable and say "Hey , Here is Your Score". You can also choose to show either Absolute score or Percentage score. You can also show the Score Rank in the description of the result. Score rank shows how a person fared compared to all those people who have taken the quiz.


If you have access to the Custom HTML editor, you can also customize the way score shows. But word of caution: you should have good knowledge of HTML and CSS to perform edits to the code.

Result Settings

Select the 'Results' tab from the left sidebar. On the Results page, click on 'Settings' tab at the top right side of the 'Properties' panel. Here you can -

  • Choose to show the answer key for the Graded quiz to quiz takers
  • Add or hide disclaimer text on results page.
  • Allow users to review a quiz.

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