Integrating Outgrow with your third-party tools

As you collect leads through your calculator or quiz, you would want to send them to your Salesforce account or a marketing automation tool like Hubspot or Marketo. This will allow you to manage everything in one centralized platform. Outgrow’s integrations make it incredibly easy to create integrations on the go. With Zapier powered integration you can connect over 200 tools with no developer support necessary.

Usually, it is recommended that you segment lead data on the basis of user responses and send to the relevant list or relevant tool. So in case a user has a clear intent to buy and is at the bottom of the funnel, you might want to send the data to Salesforce as opposed to a lead that is still at the very top the funnel and simple exploring.

Key Integrations

While thinking about integrations, you must look to the following key data points that should be sent to a centralized marketing automation tool.

1. Lead Information

a. Contact information: Name, Email address etc
b. User responses to questions in the quiz, calculator
c. The result obtained by the user
d. Referral source i.e. where did the lead originate

Learn more about how to setup integrations in the tutorial on Integrations

2. Analytics Data

a. Key Quiz metrics like funnel metrics, conversion metrics, and CTA metrics.
b. Demographic & general traffic analytics

Learn more about setting up google analytics integration in the tutorial on Google Analytics Integration