Native Kartra Integration: Save new leads from Outgrow in Kartra using Native Integration offered by Outgrow

Learn how to integrate your Outgrow account with Kartra using our native integration.

If you want to create or update the contact info of leads generated through your Outgrow content with Kartra, you can use our native integration.

Setup related requirements

Here's what you'll need to get started if you want to set up an integration between Outgrow & Kartra:

A. An Outgrow account.
B. A Kartra account.

Getting the required information from Kartra

1. Login to your Kartra account using your Kartra login credentials.


2. Once you log into your Kartra account click on the API icon at the top, and then navigate to the My API section to access your API Key & API Password.


3. In the next step navigate to My Apps tab and then click on Add App icon at the bottom. Specify a name for the integration and also specify a developer name.


4. Once the app is created you can copy the App ID, that will be used while connection your Kartra account with your Outgrow account.


Steps involved while setting up Integration

To connect your Outgrow account with your Kartra account, you will need an active Outgrow account with a live content piece. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Login to your Outgrow dashboard and open the respective Outgrow content piece in builder mode.


2. Once you have set up the questions and answers in your content piece, navigate to the Integrations section present under the Configure tab and click on Configure for configuring your Kartra integration.


3. In the next step specify the Account Name that you want to use for your integration. Along, with this, you need to add your App ID, API Key & API Password. Click on Authenticate With Kartra once you have added the required deal.


4. In the next step, you can choose between Proceeding With List or Proceeding With Segment. In this case, we will proceed with the list.


5. In the next step specify the list that you want the leads to be added to, and also the tags that you want to be assigned to each lead.


One thing we would like to highlight here is that tags can be applied to contact in two ways:

A. While choosing the list in which the leads will be added from Kartra, you can select the respective tags from the drop-down list. These tags will be fetched from your Kartra account.

B. In case you want to use a specific field in Outgrow as a tag, you can do that as well in the mapping section. For example, in case you want to use the Outcome received by each user as a tag,
you can map the Outcome field in Outgrow with the Tag field in Kartra.


NOTE: An important thing to keep in mind here is that whenever you use a field in Outgrow as a tag, you need to make sure that the tag needs to be available in Kartra. For example, in case you are using Outcomes as a tag and the outcome that a user receives is Sample Outcome. Then, in that case, you need to create a tag in Kartra by the name of Sample Outcome, otherwise, the outcome will be ignored and tag won't be created automatically.

6. In the next step, you can map Outgrow fields with Kartra fields.


NOTE: This is the list of default fields which you can use in mapping section. Any of these fields in Kartra can be mapped with the fields in Outgrow. You can also map any other custom fields available in Kartra with Outgrow, but you need to make sure that the name in Kartra is the same as the name specified in the lookup field.

7. In the last step, you can choose if you want to set up a double opt-in or not. Click on Finish post making the choice.


8. Once the integration will be set up you will see a green tick icon next to Kartra integration. Once you have set up the integration all the new entries from your selected Outgrow calculator or quiz will automatically create a corresponding Kartra record.


In case you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you further.