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To access the results page in the Outgrow development studio, click on 'Results' at the bottom of the left sidebar. This quick 2 minutes video walks you through the process of adding results and creating formulas for your calculator.

Next step is to build a formula. Click on the 'Edit' button on the right to open the formula builder.


Using the Formula Builder


The formula builder in the Outgrow development studio is highly intuitive and built to handle mathematical calculations using the operators like +, *, -, /. Plus, it can handle over 100 complex mathematical functions like log, factorial, AND, OR etc.

Click here to see the list of all functions that you can perform using Outgrow's formula builder.


Now, you can also use results for building formulas. Simply drag and drop your questions or results into the builder to give accurate results to your users.


Add ranges to your results, wherever necessary. You can define the upper and lower bounds in percentages. So, if the result of your formula is $100 and the upper and lower bounds are 5% each, then the result will be shown as '$95 to $105'.


If there is an error in calculation, a 'Math Error' notification will be displayed at the top of the formula builder. And in case the formula has no syntax error, the notification will read 'Math is Good'.


To add a variable unit, you can add prefix ($ etc.) and/or suffix (Kg etc.) to your final results.


You can also specify how many decimal places you would like to have in the result.

Once you are done creating your formula click on 'Apply Formula' at the bottom of the formula builder.

Result Description

Once you have set the formula, you need to add the result variable into the formula for it be visible to the users. You can also add a detailed description and drop in variables [answers] from any question you've asked the users. For example, you can drop in the "Name" variable and say "Hey , Here is Your Result".


Conditional Messaging

Now you can show custom messages to calculator users based on the results they get. Showcase a different text response depending on the result range. Ex: if the result is between 0-1436000, you can show a message that reads "Your customers are adding a good value". Otherwise, the custom message can read "Your Customers are highly valued!" You can add one or more conditional messages to each of your results. The range for conditional message is picked up automatically based on the possible range of your result.




To use conditional messaging for a result you will have to define the formula for the result.

Adding Multiple results

To add another result, click on (+) icon. Hover over results listing to reveal actions which can be performed on each result. You can also duplicate a result.


Result Settings

Select the 'Results' tab from the left sidebar. On the Results page, click on 'Settings' tab at the top right side of the 'Properties' panel. Here you can -

  • Choose the Call to Action which appears on results page
  • Set real time results to show up when user interacts with your calculator
  • Add or hide disclaimer text on results page

Instead of redirecting users to a URL, you can also add social share buttons to the results page and ask them to Like or Follow your business on social channels. If a user engages with your results page, the engagement will show up in your analytics against that user.



If user clicks on Like or Follow button on your Results page but doesn't actually likes or follows the Social network page, you'll not see any engagement on the Analytics page.


If needed, you can also add a disclaimer on your result screen.

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