Analyzing Data Collected Via Outgrow

1. What metrics to track?

When measuring the success of your quiz/calculator or in order to improve the conversion, there are a few metrics that you must evaluate regularly.

1. Completion Rate

This is the number of users who completed the calculator / number of users who started the calculator.

A completion rate of 70% - 80% is good.

This is the number of leads generated / number of unique users who visited the calculator.

If the results are gated i.e. lead generation form appears before showing the results and there is an option to skip, then 25% - 30% is a good conversion rate. If the lead generation form appears on the results page (in the case of an offer), then a 10-12% conversion rate is considered good.

3. Time Spent

How much time people spend taking the quiz/calculator.

This varies depending on the length of the quiz but a good target is ~ 1.5 minutes.

4. Bounce Rate

How many people do not click on the call to action on the landing page

With the right copywriting, this number should be > 75%. In case it is lesser, it is recommended that you AB test the wording.

5. Click Through Rate

How many people clicked on the call to action on the results page for further engagement.

With the right CTA and/or offer, this number should be ~ 15-20%.

In addition to the main metrics outlined above, you must also evaluate other metrics like traffic source, user demographics, purchase conversion etc to ensure that you are hitting your organizational benchmarks.

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