Question types in Calculators

Let's show you how to build and customize a questionnaire for your calculator. This whole process has been divided into 2 videos and you can watch these to get more familiar with building your own calculator.

Part 1

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Part 2

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Question Types

You can add different types of questions depending on your use case. You can choose from Single Select, Multi-Select, Drop Down, Text Input, Text Area, Numeric Slider, Opinion Scale, Date/Time Picker, Rating, File Upload.


Note: You can make a question mandatory by simply checking mandatory at the bottom of the question panel.

Type Of Questions

1. Multiple Choice: Single Select:

Multiple choice questions find common use in quizzes, calculators, and surveys. Such questions require users to choose one option out of several given options. In order to add a multiple choice question, select question type Single Select. Lay out the options for the users to chose from.

2. Multiple Choice: Multi-select:

There are several real-life situations where a user might be inclined to choose two or more answers to a question posed to him. We have addressed this problem by providing the multi-select type of question. Here end user can select more than one option.

You can also add icons to the options from the icon library.


3. Numeric Slider:

There can be some questions where the options are best laid out in a slider format. Choose numeric slider as question type for such questions.

Start by adding a question title. Then, add a prefix or suffix as a unit of variable (can be $, %, Kilograms etc).

Provide a minimum and maximum value for the slider to set the lower and upper bounds. You can change the step length, which is the lowest denominator of the slider. You can even show a scale by simply toggling the 'show scale' button.

Finally, you can add a default value, which is the value that the slider will come pre-defined with.


4. Text input:

If you wish your end user to answer the question in text format, you can select Text Input from the drop-down. You can also select any of the below-mentioned types of validations as per your requirement:

A. If you select a numeric validation, add a minimum and maximum value that can be accepted.


B. If you are using Alphanumeric validation, you must provide the minimum number of characters required.


C. You can also have users enter their Email or their Location address using Places (Powered by Google).


5. Drop Down:

If you wish your end user should choose a particular value from a drop-down menu, then you should opt for this question type.


6. Text Area:

Similar to the text input type, this is used when you want to show a box in which a user can add his/her inputs. You can define the minimum and the maximum number of characters as well.

7. Opinion Scale:

This question type is used when you want to collect a users opinion on something. You can have a stepped scale on which a user can express his/her opinion by choosing the desired score. For the least and the highest score, you can also define labels.


8. Date/Time Picker:

This question type comes in handy when you want a user to choose a date and time in order to schedule something. A perfect example of this could be a case in which you want to give your prospects an option to choose a date and time for a demo. You can also choose the days of the week on which your slots will open up.


Note: You have the option to disable the option where the user can choose a time as well.

9. File Upload:

Using this you can have your end user to share data with you by uploading it as a part of their response submission. You can choose the type of data that you want the user to upload in the system.


10. Rating:

Just like Opinion Scale question type, using this you can have a user share their rating for a certain aspect while submitting their response. You can increase the number of stars available for a user to choose from using the stars slider.


Reorder a question

Simply drag and drop the questions to reorder.


Delete a question

Hover over options on a question to find actions which can be performed for that question. Click on the delete option, which appears in the list of actions.


If you notice the docs are out of date or unclear, please don't hesitate to click on the "Suggest Edits" link! We're working to keep these docs up to date, however sometimes we get behind – and we'd love your help. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you out.

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