Segmentation and Retargeting


  1. When you get a list of leads, you get the fields in the lead gen form AND all their answers to questions along with their end result. So you know a lot more about each lead and can segment them.

  2. You can send leads with specific answers into different email drip campaigns that are more personalized. If you have a quiz - which basketball player are you most like? Then you can filter out all Lebron James fans and put them on a personalized drip campaign. It’s easier to implement this if you integrate the calculator with your marketing automation tool.

  3. If you have a user answer a question saying they plan on changing their software in the next month then you would want to send all leads who respond with that answer to your sales team to follow up with them. It’s easier to implement this if you integrate the calculator with your CRM tool.



Use a retargeting service like Adroll and set it up before you launch your campaign.

  1. You can specifically target people who landed on your quiz or calculator with relevant information

  2. You can take all the people who specifically said in a response to a question on the calculator that they love 90s fashion and target them specifically on Facebook with ads about 90s fashion including an image that highlights a fashion trend in the 90s. This will be a much more engaging and personalized way to market to people.

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